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About Atenas

Atenas College University is a distance educational institution, not only because all their programs are certified and have the guarantee of excellence in teaching of the largest European and American universities, but also because it offers to the students a diverse academic background through innovative teaching methods.

Choosing a college or university has become a more complex process than ever before. It’s important to understand the value your future degree will hold, and why Atenas College University could be the smartest choice you can make. Considering it’s the investment of a lifetime, we feel that Atenas College University provides unparalleled opportunities for students to fulfill their promise and potential.

Our Courses

Pedagogy Licensure

Bachelor of Social Work

Administration Bachelor

Physical Education Licensure

Master of Education Sciences

Professional master's in Business Administration

Administration MBA

Executive MBA in Business Management

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Think big, Think Atenas College University

Atenas College University- Think big, think ACUNI – is a university whose courses are offered in the online mode. Its main purpose is to democratize education and thus allow the knowledge reaches students across the world in a qualified manner, fast and accessible from all their intellectual and technological apparatus.

The current professional have the dream of becoming truly competitive for the labor market, therefore the Atenas College University makes this dream, which seems distant, become great.

Academics Curriculum

In the first year, we introduce key habits of mind and foundational concepts. We then apply and reinforce these skills and knowledge across all subsequent courses, which leads students to develop critical thinking, creative thinking, effective communication, and effective interaction skills.

The curriculum is designed to emphasize both broad understanding of many fields and deep expertise in at least one area of knowledge.

In the first year, four Cornerstone courses provide a comprehensive foundation for study across disciplines. This shared academic experience is the basis for your continued intellectual growth.