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Admission Process


Following standards of ease and flexibility, to be admitted to the Atenas College University is simple, just that the student follow the steps mentioned below:

Certification Programs

A long time ago, it was enough just the end of the graduation to gain a good position in the labor market. However, nowadays, organizations prefer to hire those who have a specific postgraduate course for pled area. In this sense, the certification programs are intended for those students who have completed graduation and wish to deepen their knowledge in a particular area of the chosen career, from the broad sense postgraduates.

Joining one of our Certificate Programs provides many benefits to professionals: Deals positions, salary increases, professional development, career change and development of new skills and knowledge, and help them earn college credits.

Graduation Programs

Atenas College University offers stricto sensu graduate programs that are designed to help the academic graduate and professionally. It is because it gives you more support in the teaching, either because it provides the expertise and update knowledge in the area, in a more advanced way a specialization course, giving also autonomy in monitoring the technological developments and the search for solutions to complex technical problems, with which the professional may be faced in the near future in his professional career.

The diploma programs enable students to remain competitive in their respective fields of study, research and professional practice, in addition, the credits will help those from the student to continue their graduate studies.

Graduation Programs

There is no doubts about the importance of higher education in the labor market as a professional degree in their area of expertise is much more likely to have a better salary and achieve your career success. It can accumulate experience and technical skills over the years, but the critical sense is the higher education institution who provides.

That’s why undergraduate programs of Atenas College University – Bachelor degree and – are intended for professionals that work hard and/or those who seek to enter the labor market quickly and, therefore, are attracted by the accessibility, short, flexibility, quality of education and the low cost of the programs offered.

Atenas College University offers a range of expertise in management and business, allowing students to specialize in the area of their choice. Our degree programs and graduate certificates are taught by qualified teachers, renowned doctors in their areas of expertise. Study with us to learn diversified communication skills, reasoning and management, and become a leader in your field. Select your preferred area of study below to learn about your admission requirements, rate plan and other details.

The programs and courses available at the Atenas College University Health Science School allow advancing in their chosen career. The curriculum of all health science programs is designed to awaken in students the relevant skills necessary to become

successful in their respective fields. A graduate can help you find an important place in your area through exceptional contribution, practical and based on research. The faculty of health sciences are world-renowned experts who not only infuse students with relevant knowledge, but also help them to find a good balance between work, education and personal life.

The School of Law and Legal Studies Atenas College University consists of several undergraduate and graduate programs, giving students the option of choosing any program of interest. Our programs are designed to meet the rigorous standards of the professional world and enable students with the legal knowledge they can use to excel in their professions. Our legal online comprehensive studies are taught by professional teachers and field experts who are driven by the ambition to bring up and leadership skills of their students the tweaking.

The Faculty of Social Sciences at the Atenas College University is an educational platform for all those who want to serve and improve the lives of people professionally. The graduate and undergraduate programs in social sciences teaches students various skills necessary to excel in social services, as a counselor, social worker or teacher. Through our courses, you will not only learn how to work with needy and disadvantaged, but will also learn how to become an effective community leader.