Admission Process – Atenas

Admission Process

Following standards of ease and flexibility, to be admitted to the Atenas College University is simple, just that the student follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1

Once you decide to enroll in Atenas College University, the first thing you need to do is fill in the data in the appropriate form and tell us a little about yourself, including your name, contact details and the program for which you are interested.

Step 2

If your form is approved, you will be informed of the value of the payment of the registration fee, according to the chosen course.

Step 3

As soon as you pay the registration fee, you immediately will be allowed to attend classes of the desired program.

Step 4

To complete the remaining admission formalities, you are required to provide us:

  • Personal Information
  • Study experience
  • Employment History
  • Contact Details personnel

At this stage, you will also choose the best course start date for you and the mode of payment.

Step 5

When executing the credit transfer request financial and/or prior learning credits, simple admission formalities of your program are finalized. After paying the registration fee, you can access your online classrooms and start studying immediately. Even, you can pay 100% of your monthly payment and save 14.5% or you can pay in two installments and enjoy a discount of 7%.

If you think you are ready to enroll in Atenas College University, you can sign up now. If you want more information on how to be a student of Atenas College University, you can contact our local consultant or by email Our guide will help you to finalize your registration and their questions answered.

Requirements for Admission

Once you sign in Atenas College University, we are committed to offer quality education that will improve your skills and help you grow professionally. We guarantee that you get the best of all: a versatile curriculum, online classrooms easy to use, highly qualified faculty and student advisors of support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Atenas College University the admission process is very easy and simple. However, before you start it, take the time to review the admission requirements you need to fulfill to become a student successfully Atenas College University.

Credit Transfer

This is one of the advantages presented by Atenas College University your students, you can get a reduction in the total value or Program duration, through credit transfer or prior learning credits.

All you need to do is send a statement that cite (s) course (s) with their titles obtained and to which program you want to transfer the credits from this (s) course (s). We accept these credit hours, that way you can get exemptions or reductions in these courses, so you will not be required to study them again. This will reduce both the value and the duration of their program.

The Atenas College University offers credit transfer facility to students so that they can continue their academic life with flexibility and complete the course in perfect time. This efficient process of credit transfer is designed to help students in acquiring credits in most programs.

If you are thinking of changing university, please contact one of our admissions representatives to receive an evaluation and information about credit transfer.

Rate of payment options

There are several rate of payment options to help the student to pay the program according to your budget. You can pay the full rate, at once, and get 10.0% discount, or you can pay in two installments, with 5% discount. See more details below:

Full Payment Option Fee

By opting for this alternative, if you pay other fees for your program at a time, you will get a rebate of up to 10.0% (this rate cut is different from financial aid).

Save 10,0%

Payment of fee in 2 installments

To further minimize the financial burden on students Atenas College University, they can choose to pay the full amount in two installments. Using this option, you will be entitled to a discount of 5% off your entire program fee.

Save 5%.

Discount program for Brazilian

Thanks to partnerships between Atenas College University and education institutions, municipal councils, legislative assemblies and Brazil’s municipalities was possible to get discounts on the value and duration Program for Brazilians. The following describes some discount modes:

1 Credit Transfer Credit Transfer and Prior Learning:

If you have completed other courses and intends to transfer to the Atenas College University, we will accept credit hours of these courses according to your program. That way you will not have to study this course again, which will reduce the monthly payments and the time required to complete their training.

You can earn credits for their learning experience from his previous work, training, etc. If you have time to study in any professional course can easily earn these credits.

You can earn credits of up to 75% of the program’s courses, from which can be had at most 25% of prior learning credit courses.

2. reduction in the monthly payment options

There are several rate of payment options to help the student to pay the program according to your budget. You can pay the full fee at once and get 14.5% off or you can also pay in two installments for a discount of 7%.

To learn more about our payment options, you can contact our local student consultants or by e-mail contact@atenascollege.unversity or start a live chat at our chat.

3. Employer inserted in tuition reimbursement programs

Several employers around the world offer the benefit of the reimbursement of fees paid by students. Some may also reimburse the cost of books. You can ask the HR department of your company on this educational benefit. If you need any help in preparing the necessary documentation and appropriate to you, so that you can get those benefits, you can contact our consultants at any time in our local free phone number or start a chat to alive.

4. Scholarships University Atenas College University

The Atenas College University is offering scholarships with limited subsidies for students and former students with excellent academic profile and/or extraordinary work experience. If you want to study in the best online university, you can invest in scholarship and receive up to R$ 10,700 compensation funds.