About Us – Atenas


Atenas College University is a leading distance educational institution in the world, not only because all their programs are certified and have the guarantee of excellence in teaching of the largest European and American universities, but also because it offers to the students a diverse academic background through innovative teaching methods.

Our main task is from the vast educational experience we have, we devote ourselves to offering limitless quality education, leading innovative solutions in education to every corner of the country. For this, we have the following features:


Classroom Management

Due to our continuous improvement processes, Atenas College University ensures that the curriculum of each program is constantly improved. In addition, our faculty body provides rich experiences and the necessary theoretical basis to ensure that the curricula of students meet the demands of the labor market.


Distance Education

Despite the spatial distance and/or time between faculty and students, dedicated teachers of Atenas college University through our various educational platforms at a distance, instigate students to expand their learning autonomy. The development of autonomy is considered by theorists such as Jean Piaget and Constance Kamii, a key part of the learning process, in which the student is the focus and the teacher has a secondary role, as only guides the student, which choose the pace and the way you want to study and learn, according to their personal needs.

With distance education, we aim to bring knowledge and professional skills to a greater number of people that are looking for knowledge, regardless of their purchasing power, democratizing thus Education.


Management Assessment

One of the main responsibilities of our faculty is to prepare examinations for potential assessment, talent identification, selection and development professionals.

Media Center

With a modern technology, from a single platform, all the best contemporary forms of communication are available for students.

Partners Employers

Partner companies, that hires students from Atenas College University, are growing in the world. These students are hired due to the high degree of training provided in our courses, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, which demonstrates the success of our education system HLS (Home Learn Sistem).

Student Services

The Atenas College University offers its students a variety of skilled services, which are designed to meet their needs, helping them in adapting to the educational system of the university and the use of pre-existing knowledge.

Financial aid

The Atenas College University uses a model that considers the merits for the promotion or recognition of the elements contained therein, called meritocracy. Therefore, extends financial assistance services to deserving students each year. The purpose of this service is to meet the extremely dedicated and committed to student activities proposed by Atenas College University.

Credit Transfers

The Atenas College University offers credit transfer facility, enabling the student to reduce tuition and the time required to complete your program.

Prior Learning

The student can earn credits for the disciplines that had prior contact from some professional course of your work experience or specific training.

Verification Service

The Atenas College University offers its students a variety of skilled services, which are designed to meet their needs, helping them in adapting to the educational system of the university and the use of pre-existing knowledge.

Handout and Ambassy Legalization

Students are benefited with our legalization services and registration at the Brazilian embassy respective.

Why choose Athenas College University(ACUNI)?

Learning Programs

The Atenas College University offers teaching-learning programs in order to democratize education and thus make the knowledge reaches students across the world. Students of Atenas College University are as primarily people who work full time, have family responsibilities and / or other responsibilities and can not enter into commitment to an educational institution on a physical campus.

The Atenas College University has become the first choice of students seeking for a quality education, considering that we have a highly qualified faculty and effective online educational system.

More than 40 courses

The Athens College University is the only university education online distance that offers more than 40 courses distributed in 16 specialized schools , which are part of the following segments:

  • Business & Management
  • Nursing
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Education
  • Criminal Sciences

Our Differential

Here are some of the reasons that differentiate us from other online educational institutions:

Available Description: for only R $ 99.00, and thus the student obtains:

  • First course absolutely FREE
  • Absolutely FREE Admission;
  • Student area completely FREE! (No technology fee)
  • Enabling the system and immediate access to the classroom

Educating the world

Atenas College University gave new meaning to online education.

The university is conducting its work with the aim of spreading education in all regions of the world, instilling in the minds of students with the knowledge necessary for them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

The Atenas College University offers all that is necessary for students to feel at ease to study:

  • Flexible classes. Thus, students can watch them whenever you can – on weekends; at the end of the day, after the fulfillment of daily duties; etc; this means that the Atenas College University provides the perfect opportunity for your students to finish the courses during their lunch breaks or after completing their commitments.
  • World’s best teachers on your staff, that will be the perfect guide to success, both in the classroom and in their professional careers
  • Possibility of finishing the Graduate Program in up to two years
  • Fast procedure in the conduct of enrollment
  • Online classrooms
  • Affiliated universities first world, which has helped students get internships and lucrative jobs in reputed companies. Organizations prefer graduates Atenas College University due to its strong communication, analytical and leadership capacity
  • Student area, they are available online classes available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, which may be assisted in accordance with the pace and schedule of the student
  • Financial aid
  • Ease of credit transfer